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Rohit - Age 35  " I had pain in the wrist and in the elbow for over a year until I met Dr. Aranibar. The pain did not let me lift weights or play golf. After 3 sessions with Dr. Aranibar, I started lifting weights and after 8 sessions, I hit a bucket of balls. Dr. Aranibar takes the time to explain everything. This was important, as this was my introduction to chiropractic care. Friendly and courteous front office. My family and friends now have a new found respect for chiropractic care."

Nubia - Age 25 "I have had a low back problem for 5 years. After 4 weeks of care I began to see an improvement in my condition. I am not as tense after work and I feel like I have more energy. The staff makes me feel welcomed. It's a very professional yet laid back office."

Stacey - Age 37 " Dr. Aranibar is a talented healer and an amazing person. Thank you so much for making my shoulder and headaches feel better."

Jessica - Age 24 "I have suffered from headaches, midback, and rib pain for the past 4 years. Dr. Aranibar provided a natural approach to healing my pain without using pain killers. I was taking everything from Tylenol to Ibuprofen to cope with the pain, now I have realized that I can feel better by getting my back and neck adjusted. Thank you Dr. Aranibar for helping me get rid of my pain naturally."

Rodd - Age 32 "Dr. Aranibar has been a blessing. I have been dealing with back pain for several years now, and after seeing Dr. Aranibar I can now focus on the better things in life. I took a fall down some stairs a few weeks ago and the only thing that allowed me to get through the day with limited pain was getting adjusted by Dr. Aranibar."

Dan - Age 52 "I had back pain for 1 1/2 years. I began to feel a change / improvement within the first 2-3 weeks of treatment. I am now able to enjoy walking, gardening, and working to my full extent. These are all things that I could not enjoy prior to starting chiropractic care. The office is convenient and courteous. The staff makes an extra effort to make visits comfortable. My friends and family are happy with my results and I am happy I am in no pain."



Daryl - Age 30  "Nerve problems and weakness in my right arm brought me in to see Dr. Aranibar. I began to see a change/improvement after the first visit. I can now enjoy my workout routine with less pain and I have a feeling of overall wellness because of chiropractic care. Dr. Aranibar is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I am healthy. My friends tell me that my overall wellness and happiness is definitely improved since starting care."

Here is Daryl after a recent competition.


Jo Ann - Age 38 " I came to see Dr. Aranibar about sharp pains in my right leg. I had tried physical therapy, medical doctors, and specialists before I tried chiropractic. I have had the leg pains for about two and a half years. I noticed a change / improvement after my first visit. Some of the unanticipated benefits of the chiropractic care are that I can breath better and my moods have improved. The thing I like most about  Dr. Aranibar is that he explains what he is doing during the treatment and the office staff is very friendly. I have referred the doctor to friends and family." 

Robert  - Age 41 " I came into to see Dr. Aranibar for low back pain that was going on for 6 months. I began to notice a change after 3 or so visits. I can now enjoy activities involving my low back. An unanticipted benefit of Chiropractic care  that I have noticed is that I sleep better at night. My favorite thing about Aranibar Chiropractic is the massage table."

Roger - Age 28 " My supervisor referred me to see Dr. Aranibar because I was unable to sleep, sit, or walk without pain. I had tried medicine, exercise, and pillows. My problems got better after every visit and by the 6th treatment I felt fine. Aranibar Chiropractic takes great care of you and Dr. Aranibar makes sure you are educated to what is causing your problems. Friends and family see the difference in my health. I have referred 3 patients to Dr. Aranibar since starting. "

Jeanne - Age 47 " I came to see Dr. Aranibar for leg pain, weakness, stiffness, overall body pain, and fibromyalgia. A friend told me about the Dr. after I had tried accupuncture, many doctors, strong medications, and pain relievers. This problem was going on for 3 months. After begining care I noticed a change within 2 weeks getting in and out of the car and salsa dancing (which is my passion) became easier to do. I also feel more energy and renewed flexibility. The thing  I like most about Dr. Aranibar is his positive attitude and extensive knowledge. My friends now tell me you look great what happened I thought you were sick."

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