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The Worlds Most Powerful Liquid Multivitamin!

Vemma contains : Antioxidants A, C, D, E; All essential B-vitamins; All the essential minerals; Aloe Vera; Mangosteen.

Benefits: 1. Protects and Supports a Healthy Heart

                   2. Enjoy healthy eyes, skin, and hair

                   3.  Creates abundant energy

                   4. Supports your immune system

                   5. Powerful free radical scavengers

                   6. Healthy digestive system

                   7. Absorbs easier then pills or capsuls

Vemma is a great tasting multivitamin that absorbs easily into the body and only needs to be taken once a day. This supplement is a great adjunct to Chiropractic care because of its ability to help the body heal faster. Buy your Vemma today!



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